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We are the World's Leader in Creative Plastic Mirrors...
we do not only make the mirrors we apply vibrant colors, laser cut any shape, and new for 2011 - we print images inside of mirrors!
Laser Magic offers mirrors in PETG which is almost indestructible! You can bend it around a pole, drill it and even stick a pin through it. PETG allows us to make thinner mirror which makes shipping easier and reduces any breakage. Most of our mirror comes with a peel and stick backing and can be glued with almost any commercial adhesive. Plus you can drill it or hammer a nail through it. Customers decorate room walls (Day care Centers love us), make mobiles, put on cribs, toys, cars, refrigerators etc. Mirrors are great for children, with our images permanently inside the mirror with sparkling inks kids become totally enthralled with the experience. 2011 Brings a new excitement to mirrors, LASER COLOR FROST tm. This is a patented process where we literally print inside of a mirror, even with a photograph! Complete custom mirrors with team photos are possible.

Looking to buy sheets of mirror? You can purchase sheets that are 12x24 (1/8th inch thickness) directly through Amazon.
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We are building our web site and will offer 1,000’s of designs, colors and many Laser Color Frost tm products. CLICK HERE to see our products!

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